Types of Cues/Prompts to Support Learning

RecyclingOTPublished: November 10, 2017Updated: November 13, 201744 views
Published: November 10, 2017Updated: November 13, 2017

This video demonstrates the types of cues or prompts that may be used to support learning in educational or training settings. These include: 1) Hand over hand assistance 2) physical assistance 3) touch prompts 3) point cues and 4) verbal cues. I frequently use a combination of these supports. For example, I might give physical assistance to reach toward the spoon and then a touch and verbal cue to bring it to his mouth. As a person practices a skill, try to provide the least amount of prompting needed in order to be successful.
In addition, pictures may be used, especially when teaching a multi-step task such as laundry or setting the table.
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