Workers Rescue Dog And Her Puppy From Water Pit

Published November 10, 2017 53,541 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesWhen these men came to work that day, frantic screams could be heard coming from a nearby water reservoir. Upon inspection, the men discovered a mother and her young pup had probably slipped down the water pit overnight. The two dogs couldn’t climb back up to the surface, because the hole had been lined with a thick plastic foil to prevent the water from seeping down in the dirt.

When the poor mother saw the men approaching, she started screaming even more hysterically, in the hopes that they will come to pull them out of the depression, and the men did exactly that. Using ropes and a harness, one man dressed up to slide down in the pit and pull the two hapless animals out. At first, the mother was unsure of the human’s intentions until he reached the bottom when she started licking his face and wagging her tail.

The man first lifted the puppy to the surface and came back down again for the mother. Both dogs were incredibly dirty with muck and wet, from spending the night in the night in that horrible place.

As soon as the mother got reunited with her baby, she couldn’t decide who to thank first, while the good Samaritans were taking her and her chubby baby to safety! Good work, team!

We are so grateful and so happy that there are still people in the world that will do anything to save a dog’s life. And thanks to these men, the mother, and the puppy can have a happy life and will have a chance to find a loving family that will adopt them and gives them all the love that they deserve. The mother was so grateful to these workers that they provide them with another chance to live, oh that puppy is soooo cute is just cuteness overload! We are hoping that after this scary experience they will have a better life!

Every dog deserves to have a happy life, a warm bed, meals that will their belly they deserve to have someone who will love them unconditionally. They deserve to run free and not spend their short life locked in some cage.

There a lot of people out there who care about dogs, who care about finding them a home and family. Some shelters care about them, that’s why we want to share a fantastic video of emotional moment when a rescue dog learns to love human touch, and we have to say it’s priceless!

This woman shared a moment from their new resident in their shelter, she was so afraid, and she was so scared that she didn’t want to be touched by anyone. They devoted time and effort to show them what human love is and that she deserves to be loved.

Eventually, she let go of her fears and let the person pet her, and it can be seen in the video what a fantastic process is and how much she enjoys it. So our message is, not buy, adopt!