Corona-symposium in the German Parliament - Prof. Dr. Bhakdi

7 months ago

WHO - After the global vaccination tragedy, the global vaccination regime?

How his words were missing in Bundestag the last three years, the several minutes of standing ovation made clear. On 11 November at the 2nd Corona Symposium in the German Parliament, Prof. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, microbiologist and alarmist of the first hour, spoke about the "greatest fraud of all time", which the WHO, as a non-democratically legitimised organisation, is now continuing.
The WHO has already announced that it will introduce this mod RNA for as many human and animal vaccines as possible. I wonder why? The driving force behind all this is: "Money and power. Power and money. Always the same answer."

The Federal Ministry of Health has not made any reliable scientific measurements on plasmid DNA contamination, " this day." The scientist therefore demands: "This must have legal consequences." The legal investigation is particularly necessary because the possible consequences of the contamination could be fatal.

Because it is clear that" [...] the inclusion of bacterial chromosomes [...] alters the entirety of the DNA instructions in the cell and [...] is tantamount to a change in the genome. [...] This has already been shown in animal experiments. [...] Continued production [of the foreign proteins] can be fatal [...]. The citizens have to pay for the genes with their tax money, get injected and turn themselves into factories for the vaccine manufacturers. It doesn't get any cheaper than that."

He appeals to all politicians to pull their heads out of the noose as quickly as possible and to act together now in the interests of the people:

"Decide that no further RNA injections can be administered until the vital unanswered questions have been resolved."

We say thank you to Mascha Orel und Lisa Kassner of the Organisation from "We for Humanity" for translating this very important speach.

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