Pedestrian Runs Into Traffic And Gets Hit By A Tesla Model X

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Published: November 10, 2017

Police are seeking a pedestrian who was hit by a car and ran off, because apparently, it can be a hit and run when the person who is hit runs off too!

This incident happened in Bellevue, Washington at 148th Avenue Northeast and Northeast Eighth Street, where it was captured on traffic camera footage. The <a href="" target="_blank">CCTV footage</a> shows the pedestrian, who seems to be a juvenile with a black hoodie on and holding a skateboard, waiting at the cross section for the light to turn green.

The pedestrian patiently waits for a gap in the traffic, but decides “to hell with it" and charges across the five lanes of traffic. What he failed to see, though, was the electric Tesla Model X SUV in the fourth lane, driving right towards him

The two traffic participants only graze each other, as the juvenile gets struck with the side of the black <a href="" target="_blank">Tesla</a> SUV and is sent swirling to the ground. The young man doesn’t waste another moment on the road, he just picks himself and his skateboard off the tarmac and runs off in the distance

The traffic camera footage is from Bellevue Police Case # 17-59469. If you know the identity of the pedestrian in the video, please contact the Bellevue Police Department at 425-577-5656

Credit: Bellevue, WA Police

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