Bernese mountaindog puppy doesn't want to be left alone and wants the world to know

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Published: November 10, 2017

After bringing home your new puppy it is all fun and games. Cuddling, playing, eating sleeping; it's some much fun! Especially when you have a cute, tiny Bernese Mountaindog; possibly the the closest to a reallife teddy-bear you will ever be!
But, at some time, the inevitable needs to happen: you need to leave your precious little pupper alone for the first time. This is a heartbreaking moment, not just for your new best friend but for your self as well.

In this video you are witnessing the moment that this 8 week old Bernese puppy is being left alone for the first time. His space is set up; water, some blankets, toys, his bench, something to chew on and his bench. In the meantime, his owner didn't actually leave but was just around the corner with his camera to see how the little fellow would handle the situation. And boy, he didn't handle it so well!

As soon as he realizes that he is being left alone he starts howling, making everyone very clear that he is not happy with the current situation. The howls will make you feel so sad and you just want to pick up the puppy, comfort him and make him clear that however you are leaving, you will definately come back to care of him. Unfortunately, it will take some strong determination not to rush back in straight away, because if you do they will never get used to it.

This puppy however was calming down quite soon, and after it needed to be home alone for 2 or 3 times he wasn't howling at all anymore. It would just sit lay down or play with his toys, with in the back of it's head knowing that his owner would definately come back to him!

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