Girl Thinks Hillary Clinton Stole Her Chin After Dentist

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Published: November 9, 2017

Anesthesia is the source of hilarious videos gone viral, depicting dazed hospital patients waking up from operations and saying weird things, but it’s also a highly complicated and specialized aspect of medicine.

The purpose of anesthesia depends on the procedure. It has been used to relieve pain and anxiety, paralyze muscles, encourage amnesia and unconsciousness so that you do not experience or recall a medical procedure.

Anesthesia is heavily regulated in the workplace. Those who specialize in anesthesiology must perform flawlessly with the complexity of dosing an exact amount. Failure to do so can result in the patient never waking up. Local anesthesia is quite frequently used for minor stitches or dentistry work.

Undergoing procedural sedation is common when having your wisdom teeth pulled as well as other minor medical procedures. Under this sedation, you are still able to answer questions while being awake. Patients can be very confused and amusing when coming out of sedation. This can leave them very groggy and out of it for many hours after the surgery.

When the patient is put under, their muscles are so relaxed that wearing a mask or breathing tube is a necessity. Monitoring all the patient’s vitals is very important while they are under anesthesia.

This hilarious video shows a girl leaving the dentist's office and telling her mom that she met Hillary Clinton inside. The mom starts laughing when the sedated girl says that Hillary stole her chin! This girl is seriously dazed and confused , making us wonder if they put a little extra on the dosage!

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