Reading the Bible in 1 Year - Exodus Chapter 26 - The Tabernacle

4 months ago

Ever wonder where Harrison Ford’s Raiders of the Lost Ark movie idea came from? Well, you can find out in this chapter of the Bible Yes, Steven Spielberg’s mega-movie came from Lawrence Kasdan’s script, which drew inspiration from historical facts written about The Ark of the Covenant in the Bible thousands of years ago. So, if you want to learn more about this phenomenal show-stopping story, then dive into Exodus with us where we are discussing the Children of Israel (Jacob) and their escape from Ramses, the Pharoah of Egypt, and slavery. This is a mystical chapter that takes us on a journey through the desert and the many blessings that God provided through Moses.
We also discuss where the phrase, "Raising Cain" came from and how these stories still impact our everyday lives and are very relevant to us all.
We’d love to have you read along with us as we read through the Bible over this year hoping to share the Good News in this online Bible Study. We’re diving into the Bible to learn life lessons taught in each chapter and hoping to spread the positive messages shared such as gratitude and thankfulness in this perfect time of the year to reflect.
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