Nest Cam Catches Dog Knock Gate Over And Slide Down Stairs

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Published: November 9, 2017

Ever wondered what your dogs do when you are not home? Do they sleep soundly in their (or your own) bed, while eagerly waiting for your arrival? Or are they so miserable because of the lack of your presence, they go on a wild rampage around the house, knocking down everything in their path?

Thank goodness there are nest cams available on the market, so that you can record your dog's’ antics while home alone! This dog owner made that wise choice and now we all get to have a nice laugh watching!

This dog felt left out, when his owners decided to leave the house and him behind. His adoptive brother knows better, so he just naps, but this guy is frantic. The pooch keeps whining around the house, trying to find his loving humans, he decided it was time to go looking for them. After checking for them in the living room, the pooch walks up to the staircase that leads to what we assume is the basement, sealed off with a doggy gate.

The pup stands up to look over the dog-proof gate for his humans, but he has yet to learn that that gate won’t hold under his weight. His brother gets up, as if to warn him, but it was too late - the gate gives and sends the pup tumbling down the stairs.

If his older brother’s reaction is any indication, the pup is fine! We hope...

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