Twin Babies Are Absolutely Fascinated By Their Dog

Published November 9, 2017 53,742 Plays $90.99 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsWe have said this time and again, kids that get to grow up alongside a dog can consider themselves very lucky. Other than having a best friend in their canine family member, dogs can teach things some highly important lessons in life, stuff that no person ever will forget. Good thing these babies got a pup to be by their side to watch them sleep too.

Mia and Deni can't stop looking at their dog Casper in this adorable clip. The two babies can’t seem to take their eyes off the West Highland Terrier dog that sits above their head, as if he is making sure the kids falls soundly asleep, as they should. We find their fascination adorably hilarious, don’t you?

Deni can even be seen having a face-to-face with Casper, as the pup was attempting to jump on the sofa with the boy and his dad but couldn’t find an empty seat. While Deni was cradled in his dad’s lap, the pooch was looking for some space but couldn’t find any, so he whimpered and whined, something the kid found hilarious!

There’s something about a baby’s laughter that just lights up our day. Cuteness overload!