Baby Girl Gets Ecstatic When Her Daddy Arrives Home

Published November 9, 2017 1,511,008 Views $480.63 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsAn adorable video shows the moment a toddler gets ecstatic when her daddy comes home from work. The video shows the ecstatic girl waiting on the porch and looking into the distance, mumbling “daddy, daddy”. This little girl is so excited when her daddy arrives home and her reaction is heart melting!

As daddy’s truck approaches, the girl’s scream becomes louder and noisier. She starts running towards the truck, overwhelmed with emotion that her daddy is finally home. She acts like she couldn’t believe her eyes and is overjoyed with emotion!

Fortunately her mother recorded this adorable scenario, and caught the wonderful moment on camera. We wonder if this cute, little toddler has made a daily routine out of waiting her father to arrive home, as it would be perfect to have your children welcome you in such loving manner! Her daddy is very lucky to have a loving daughter that is overjoyed to see him!

Watch how happy she gets as she races across the parking lot to get to her dad who is parking his truck and greeting his little girl. Moments later, these two share an emotional hug as the girl falls into the arms of her daddy! There is nothing better than being daddy’s little princess!

The toddler buries her face into her dad’s chest and is moments like this that make life worth living! What a special bond!