This Guy's Dad Instincts Instantly Kicked In When His Baby Was About To Fall

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Published: November 8, 2017

Parents have the most amazing powers i.e. cat-like reflexes when it comes to their children. This family vacation in California turned into a rescue mission. This is the moment when dad catches his baby as she starts falling headfirst off the bridge. This incredible moment when "dad reflex" saves the day proves that dads can sometimes be superheroes. His lightning reactions saved the young girl with just an inch to go before she falls off the bridge.

This dad didn’t hesitate and immediately swooped in to catch his falling daughter with one hand just as she started to tumble off a bridge. This super dad shows off impressive reflexes and saves his kid from disaster. Built inside every human is an impressive reflex that can only be accessed when saving your young.

During a family trip to Yosemite National Park in October 2016, a mom was going to take a photo of her husband and their daughter when there was a quick turn of events. Footage shows dad kneeling down next to his daughter and seconds later, the little girl looses balance as she takes a step back and her feet hit the edge of the walkway. Just as quickly as she started falling, dad is here to save the day, and is quick off the mark. Without even turning his gaze off the camera, the dad grabs his daughter with his left hand before she tumbles off the bridge.

Mom first yells and then laughs at the accident once she realizes that her baby is safe. Luckily, the little girl is completely unharmed by what happened.

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