Dog Howls And Jumps At Bowl Waiting For Food To Appear

AFVPublished: November 7, 2017Updated: November 8, 20172,083 views
Published: November 7, 2017Updated: November 8, 2017

This precious canine has his own special way of communicating when he is hungry! Meet Ally, the tough boxer dog that jumps, barks and plays with his empty food bowl when he is ready to eat! His creative way of reminding his owners that it is time to feed will charm you up!

Ally is a very playful dog who loves entertaining his humans but this is also his way of letting them know that he is ready to eat! Ally is obviously upset that his bowl is empty, “What do you mean, dinner is not served, can’t you see that I am starving! Make food appear, now!”, Ally puts a spell on the food bowl.

Your calm, house dog can go from zero to sixty before you blink and all of a sudden you have a frenzied, barking, jumping, biting dog that knocks the food out of your hand before you can even get it on the ground. Meal time is a great opportunity to work on your dog’s self-control and manners.

Watch as this canine gets upset at the food, for not having the ability to magically appear in the food bowl. He gets frustrated and starts jumping and howling at it. The situation escalates when the dog gets pretty angry at the bowl and starts barking at it, pushing it with its paws.

It is as if he trying to use a magic trick on the bowl and he fails to complete the spell. He has his own funny way of communicating with the bowl and waits for food to fall from the sky. He continues to wait for the bowl to grant him a wish and fill the empty bowl with food!

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