Smart Parrot Loves Being Petted By Owner, Tells Her

Published November 7, 2017 32,003 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThe amazing thing about parrots is that you can have a conversation with them.

This bird loves to have his noggin rubbed and he is very vocal about it! When his owner approaches Buddy’s cage, she starts with some small talk: “What’cha doin’?", before uttering those five words that seem to have magical properties for the gorgeous green bird. When she asks him “Can I have some noggin?", the bird lowers his head towards the wall of the cage, letting his owner scratch the back of his head.

Now this might not be something curious all on its own, if it wasn’t for Buddy’s hilarious reaction! The bird is enjoying the head rub so much, that he repeats, over and over “Oh, feels so good...good, good gracious, so so good.." It cracked us up!

Buddy is a variety of the Yellow Crowned Amazon parrots, a species that is generally well behaved and considered to be kid-friendly. They are a great addition to any household. Highly intelligent and talkative, the Yellow Crowned Amazon can live up to 50 years provided he is cared for with proper nutrition and exercise.

They learn to speak from the age of three months and the frequency with which they pick up new words and sounds is very unique. Many trainers and bird experts recommend training the Yellow Fronted with both verbal cues and physical or hand cues. (source:

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