Kitten Tries His Best To Stay Awake For Playtime

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Published: November 7, 2017Updated: November 8, 2017

It has to be one of the cutest things to record a baby doing - trying to stay wide awake because of fun things happening around you, but they can’t fight the snooze.

This adorable 4-week-old kitten just about falls asleep after lunch while his brothers practice some self-defense moves. Watch as he struggles to keep his tiny little eyes open, but fatigue takes over the tiny one, so he wobbles into sleep. Every time he catches himself already snoozing, he would jerk himself awake, only for his lids to start weighing heavy on him again. Poor fella.

In the meantime, his brothers and sisters all run around in the pen, play wrestling or munching on some baby cat kibble. Then, all of a sudden, he almost drops to the floor, but one final jerk and a loud purr from mom wakes him out completely, only to find himself all alone. You snooze, you loose!

While you are in the mood, you just have to check out this compilation of clips where kids fight fatigue with cuteness! Each one of the kiddos in this hilarious video are fighting their last battle against sleep, in an effort to be brave and stay awake!

Cuteness overload!

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