Thousands Of Mayflies Invade A City In Belarus Like A Blizzard

6 years ago

Residents in Mogilev, a city in eastern Belarus, woke up one day in August to see their streets covered in white. Belarus may be way up north in Europe, but it is still August and snow isn’t due for at least a couple of months.

When you first see this video, you too will ask yourself "how is this possible"? But if you give it a closer look, you too will realize that it is not snow at all, but an infestation of thousands of white flying insects. Canadian soldiers, as these bugs are known in the US, have found a new home in this Belorussian city.

Attracted by light, thousands of white-winged mayflies have congregated on the bridges, roads and even subways of Mogilev. These insects hatch in large numbers from spring to fall. They have a short life span of only about a day, but it is enough time for them to cause real havoc in the summer.

The white-winged insects are less than an inch long and have just a few hours to mate after hatching before they die. Their life cycle begins as eggs on the water’s surface before the they sink to the bottom. Then the larvae hatch and spend a year burrowed into the sediment on the bottom of the riverbed. Later these fish-flies wriggle out of their burrows and emerge from the water.

It might seem as an interesting experience, but these creatures can stick to clothes and sometimes can get tangled up in your hair. They do not bite, so there is no need to be afraid of them.

This girl seems to have a lot of fun while filming the mayflies flying all around her. Having a white cloud over your head everywhere you go is a rare experience. She’s lucky to have had this opportunity, however nasty it might be.

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