Grandma Fails To Grasp The Pregnancy Announcement

Published November 7, 2017 28,255 Views

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesThis casual evening turned into something much more magical. This husband has been convincing his mom that he and his wife weren't ready for kids yet. However, it was all a con. Now that they're twelve weeks along, it is time to let mom in on the secret and break the news about their pregnancy in a very simple and yet unique way.

First there were the baby gender reveal parties when expecting parents would organize a party with pink and blue everything, then throw a surprise when they were about to announce the gender of the bun in their oven. It was either colored frosting inside a cake, or colored balloons in a box.

Then there were the baby announcement parties when everyone is ecstatic about the newest addition to the family. It is very refreshing to see someone do something simple for a change, when it comes to telling their parents that they are soon to become grandparents.

These happy parents decided to surprise their family in a spontaneous gift presenting atmosphere, when the expecting father presented his mother with a baby clothing reading “only grandchild, big cousin” but the ‘only grandchild’ part is crossed out. The new grandmother is still in shock and doesn’t realize what the reading says. It is when everyone starts congratulating her daughter-in-law and son, when she realizes what is going on, and stops her movements for a while, frozen in disbelief.

It is because no one was expecting baby news that this surprise worked its magic! Congratulations to this couple and their family. What an exciting journey they have ahead of them!