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4 months ago

ARISE! Guerrilla News 42 REPLAY
AGN is back after a hiatus to accommodate the six week long World Health Sovereignty Summit 2023 (which concluded two weeks ago with a spectacular panel that you can watch on We missed you all and we are excited to bring you a unique mix of new voices for this Sunday’s broadcast.

AGN 42 featuring:

-Dr. Lee Merritt has been in the private practice of Orthopaedic and Spinal surgery since 1995, and has had a long interest in wellness and fitness Certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. In the last three years has appeared on numerous radio programs discussing Covid-19, the futility of mask mandates, and other lies and omissions from the medical “technocrats”.

-Pascal Najadi
Swiss investment banker suing the Swiss government and currently lobbying for freedom and transparency within the U.S. government. Pascal is also a filmmaker, author, and the son of the assassinated banker Hussain Najadi.

-Ora Nadrich
Mindfulness expert, international keynote speaker, thought coach and expert contributor to Institute for Transformational Thinking. Ora speaks out globally about present dangers and offers wise solutions to help people emotionally protect themselves from dark-minded globalists dedicated to obliterating our collective freedoms.

-Liz Gunn - New Zealand
Commercial litigation attorney and former anchor on New Zealand’s TV One and One News, she currently runs independent FreeNZ Media, focused on bringing truth to her country. She has formed a new political party called New Zealand Loyal, which contested the 2023 New Zealand General Election.

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