Kitten Loves Chasing His Tail On The Cat Tree

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Published: November 7, 2017Updated: November 8, 2017

Aren’t kittens just the best? Every species’ baby is cute and adorable in its own particular way, but kittens are a special kind of adorable! They curious nature, driven by an ancient hunter’s instinct, makes for endless hours of entertainment when you get a baby cat as a pet.

This kitten’s owners opted for a homemade cat tree from an old walnut branch and furniture scraps. Both their cats love the climber, but the kitten loves it the most, as you can see from this hilarious clip.

This orange tabby is called Mr. Scott, or Scotty as his humans lovingly call him. He tries his very best to understand how the cat tree works in this funny clip. His favorite spot is the hole in the second tier, so that he can poke his head through and chase his tail on the other side! At one point, it seems that Scotty is taken aback by how that tail knows exactly when he will pounce at it, retrieving at the same time. How does it do that?!

You might notice that his tail is crooked, because it had been broken when they got him. But Scotty doesn’t mind that his tail’s not straight like his big sister’s; it is still the best toy in the world!

In case Mr. Scott’s name sounds familiar to you, then you are probably a Star Trek fan, just like his owners! His owner’s named him after the lovable Chief Engineer from The Original Series.

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