Confused Baby Tries To Pick Up Light Reflection

Shanelogan Published November 7, 2017 3,216 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsWhen it comes to pets, the simplest trick in the book can be the most fruitful. If you ever want to keep both yourself and your pet entertained for hours, all you need is a <a href="" target="_blank">laser pointer</a>, or in some desperate situations, a flash light. The object that projects on any given surface can be moved anywhere you want it, so your pet can chase it to its heart’s desire, or the depletion of its stamina. Whichever comes first.

However, this is the first time we see a human baby actually want to interact with a reflexion of light! We can’t make up our minds if this is a terrible thing to do or the most clever one, so we will let you make that decision for us!

Baby Dylan was spotted by his dad making repeated desperate, yet futile attempts to wrap his chubby toddler fingers around the white blob on the floor that the sun makes through the blinds in the living room. Despite it being obvious to us adults that no, he can’t grab that white orb on the floor, Dylan keeps going back, trying to pick the white thing with his hand.

At one point, even the family’s German Shepherd is intrigued with the boy’s new toy, but seeing how it is just a reflexion, he quickly moves on and leave the kid to fend for himself.

We just gotta applaud the kid for not giving up. Bravo!