Dozen Puppies Gather Around And Shower Man With Kisses

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Published: November 6, 2017

People who love animals usually don’t stop at only having one pet. They tend to have as many pets as they can possibly accommodate in their household. Of course, after watching 101 Dalmatians, we were urged to dream about having a real farm of puppies and enter the era of endless puppy cuddles.

This man, Matt, was lucky enough to have that dream come a reality. This video was filmed on October 29, 2017 in Mount Samson, Brisbane, Australia and shows a man relaxing on the porch, gazing at the sun with his sunglasses on. Moments later, a herd of dozen puppies come rushing from the house and start showing the man with affection. It is adorable to see so many puppies in the same place, doing the same thing, give love and big, wet kisses on this man’s face.

I get the tingling sensation of what that experience can feel like, only by watching this video.

This man visited his friends’ house on the weekend because he wanted to play with the 15 Border Collie puppies they own. These puppies are only eight weeks old and were soon to be leaving to join their new families, so this man wanted to see them all gathered in one place.

We can see how Matt is being covered in puppy kisses, and we are so glad that someone captured that moment on camera, so that we can feel blessed for a moment and forget about all the worries in this world. It is adorable to see how happy and loving these beautiful puppies are and they sure know how to give affection and show pure love.

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