Airport Etiquette Tips That Will Glide Your Smoothly On Your Way

Published November 6, 2017 9 Plays

Rumble Even though the airport can be a crazy place to be this time of year, that doesn't mean you can forget about your manners. Lindsey Granger met up with author of Y'all Are Rude, Miss Lora, to get three courtesies we should all follow when traveling this holiday season.

According to research, 48.7 million people are travelling for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you or anyone from your family is travelling by plane, etiquette expert miss Lora has a few airport areas where you need to mind your manners.

First, take it easy in the parking lot. Most people get very stressed out trying to find a parking garage at the airport. 50,000 accidents and 60,000 injuries a year happen in parking garages, so don’t ruin your trip by starting it off with a crash, park on the roof if you can’t find a spot in the garage. Everybody wants to get a spot near the elevator and that is mission impossible during holiday season. Miss Lora also reminds to pay attention, no texting and driving!

The next place to mind your manners is at the check-in counters. Weigh your bag at home, buy a scale! Fifty pounds is fifty pounds no matter how much you squish it!

Finally, the baggage claim. This is the place in airports where people are very rude, they push through and try to get their baggage first. Miss Lora says “Just relax!”. You have to remember that your bag is coming down and it is going to go around and around. So if you are not right on it, you will eventually get to it, and once you do get it, watch out for people’s toes and keep your head up!