Guilty As Charged Labrador Gets Stuck In The Garbage Lid

Published November 6, 2017 5,055 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIt looks like someone has been trying to get into the garbage can and got stuck in the process. This video features guilty-faced Jasper trying to hide his obvious misbehavior!

When dog's parents weren’t around this cute black Labrador puppy named Jasper went to the trash can and caused some havoc. While doing so, he got his head stuck in the trash can lid, as a sort of "Bad Dog" crown of shame. We can assume that this poor little guy got a little hungry and decided to go head first into the garbage can, and now he is being busted for messing in the trash!

However, his exit strategy wasn't well-thought and Jasper got his head stuck in the garbage can lid to serve as evidence of his act of shame. This black labrador puppy is guilty as charged and avoids eye-contact with the owner who is scolding him for misbehaving and caught him red pawed.

Observers of animal behavior may remark that the “guilty look” has nothing to do with apology or guilt, but rather this is the submissive posture. The head hangs low, panting or smiling stops, eye-contact is avoided, and they literally put their tail between their legs.

Dogs may look guilty when they are being told off by their owner for misbehaving, but they don't feel shame, according to animal behaviorists.

His sad expression tells it all, and he knows that he’s been caught this time! Hopefully he will learn his lesson and realize that sticking his head in the garbage can is not such a great idea afterall.