GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Craig Hemke Crack-Up Boom Could Unfold

18 days ago

Founder of TF Metals Report, Craig Hemke wishes US listener's a Happy Thanksgiving and big news for gold aficionados!

- Gold appears to be winding up for a run to record highs, to $3,000+
- Shift in Fed policy could ignite a stampede into safe haven assets.
- Craig reviews the LT and ST prospects for the gold market.
- Why gold might be the ideal basis for every investing portfolio.
- Rates could be coming down in 2024, sending the metals higher.
- A crack-up boom, similar to the Bolivar in Venezuela, could unfold in N.A.
- Diversifying into Bitcoin and Ethereum may represent a wise portfolio strategy.
- Uranium investments appear solid from a LT perspective.
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