Little Girl Shoots For The Stars And Takes A Solo Bow

ChillinWithCharlie Published November 5, 2017 64,183 Plays $192.71 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsSome people are born to be on stage, they are very charismatic and the camera loves them. However, taking a bow is very common after every performance. Bowing is the act of lowering the torso and head as a social gesture in direction to the audience. The manner in which you take your bow after completing your performance on stage is a very important part of the act itself. If you’re a famous diva you already know this, if not, watch how this little girl does it in style.

This little girl was trying to finish off her first recital with a well deserved bow and missed her chance, because she was overjoyed with excitement and got caught up in the moment. Well, she almost missed it. Watch her rip her hands free from the death grip of her friend to claim her moment and shine like a star!

It is hilarious how this little princess in pink wants to be the star of the show and doesn’t let anyone steal her thunder. She is walking on stage, holding hands with the rest of the girls, flaunting her pink fluffy skirt, walking towards the center of the stage. Then they stop for a while and take a quick bow in front of the audience. The poor thing apparently got caught up in the moment because she was super excited about the bow, that she totally missed it!

The moment she realizes that the others already took a bow and are about the leave the stage, she pulls her hand off the grip, and takes a solo bow, just like a diva. The star is born!