Rescued Baby Squirrel Nibbles On Woman’s Ear

Published November 5, 2017 13,748 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHurricane Irma caused significant influx of baby squirrels because their nests have been blown out during this natural disaster, leaving many baby squirrels homeless. It's the beginning of baby season, so it's just poor timing to have a hurricane at the beginning of squirrel season.

Timing is key in both the rescue and the rehabilitation. For instance, the squirrels shouldn’t get used to being held because eventually they will need to be returned to the wild. It will be months before most of the baby squirrels can be released into the wild, for the smaller ones it will take at least three months.

People who found baby squirrels have been nursing them back to health. So, if you find an orphaned baby squirrel, the first thing to do is to keep the squirrel warm and feed it something. Even though there are some people who will argue that a healthy squirrel should never be kept as a pet, and that the goal should always be to return a squirrel to the wild. Whether you agree or not, the argument is well-intended and should be considered. On the other hand, there are people who argue that in some cases squirrels can be kept as pets.

Take this baby squirrel for example, she bonded with her lady human so much that she became her personal ear cleaner. Watch as this cute little Marsellus snacks on this person's ear. How adorable is this?

This adorable little squirrel is nibbling on human’s ear like it is eating a delicious breakfast. “He is also making a purring sound in my ear, similar to a cat”, noted this woman. This is hurricane Irma baby that were blown out of our trees. Even just a quick peek of this tiny baby squirrel nibbling on woman’s ear got me thinking about domesticating one. Pet squirrel, anyone?


  • Cbrinke, 2 years ago

    Yep- he is a cutie!

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  • Cbrinke, 2 years ago

    Even With all the hurricane clean up going on, stores sold out of baby animal nursing bottles all over. We were not the only family rehabbing. My daughters teacher had 9 babies.

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