Friendly Great Dane Refuses To Leave The Vet

Published November 4, 2017 1,812 Plays $4.31 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesMost dogs don’t want to go to the vet, but Max doesn’t want to leave the vet. Unlike a lot of dogs, this Great Dane loves going to the Veterinarian. That is because the Vet comes to visit at his home. The Tampa Mobile Veterinary Services pull their RV upfront Max’s home and he feels ecstatic whenever he see his friends Dr Jeanne and Michelle. Understandably, he wants to spend some quality time with them.

Watch how happy this Great Dane dog is to have visited the vet. They must give him some amazing treats and made him feel welcomed and adored. This heartwarming video shows Max refusing to get out of the RV. Unlike most dogs who are not fond of their veterinarians, Max loves Dr. Jeanne and Michelle and wants to become their official Mascot!

It is adorable to see how owner calls on Max over a dozen times, but the Dane simply refuses to obey the order and won’t leave the vet.

A Great Dane is truly a great dog breed, it is large and noble, commonly referred to as a gentle giant or as the “Apollo of dogs.” Apollo is the Greek god of the sun, the brightest fixture in the sky. The Great Dane certainly holds stature in the dog world, but even though he looks terribly imposing, in reality it is one of the best-natured dogs around. For all of his size, a Great Dane is a sweet, affectionate pet who loves to play and is gentle with children.