Obedient Dog Is Running Errands Together With Owner

Published November 4, 2017 1,857 Views $9.63 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA helping hand is always welcome, or should we say a helping paw in this case? Watch this cute clever dog going on a casual shopping trip to the supermarket with his owner, and even helping him carry home some of the groceries.

This dog-owner decided to film his obedient dog in the act of helping him run the errands. This dog is sure helping around the household and is an equal member of the family.

The dog doesn’t hesitate when asked to pick up a bag and carry it all the way home. The dog is filmed walking with the bag in his mouth for a long distance, starting from supermarket’s parking lot all the way to his home. This dog-owner taught his dog to run errands for him and the obedient four-legged friend sure lends a helping hand when it comes to carrying bags from the supermarket.

When these two exit the supermarket, they each get a share of work. The dog is slowly picking up a light bag and then loyally follows throughout the supermarket’s parking lot, through the industrial area, and all the way back home.

Once at home, the doggy is in for a very big surprise and a well-earned treat. We can assume that he was carrying his own dog food the entire time!

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