Large predatory fish shows fresh battescars

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Rumble / Wild WildlifeThe permit is a very large fish that can be found throughout the Atlantic Ocean and waters of the Caribbean. It grows to over four feet in length and can weigh as much as 80lbs. They are built for slicing through the water easily and will travel in schools that move through the ocean with incredible speed. They are often solitary fish and can be found hunting alone as well.

Despite the size and speed, this permit shows a very large, fresh wound on its right side and serious scrapes and injuries on its left. Only a shark or a full grown barracuda could ever pose a threat to a beast like this.

When full grown, very few creatures could catch or would dare tangle with this fish. They are in fact, a top predator themselves. This permit seems to be herding the smaller blue striped grunts and they have wisely taken shelter among the coral outcroppings. The grunts are almost a foot long and they give a very clear perspective on the size of the enormous permit.

Divers occasionally see permit but they are wary and shy and the contact is usually brief and distant. This permit was obviously large enough that he did not see the approaching scuba diver with the camera as much of a threat. He allowed a close enough approach for his wound to be filmed.

Permit are highly reflective with dazzling silver scales and black fins. Difficult to see due their camouflage and the speed at which they cruise, they are often referred to as "Ghost Fish". Snorkelers and divers will occasionally catch a glimpse of them but it is usually brief. When cruising past, they resemble fast moving torpedoes more than they do fish.

Permit feed on crabs, shrimp and smaller fish. They can be found in deep waters or in the shallows along beaches. Anglers hunt this fish for the thrill of the catch and for bragging rights, as they are very elusive and difficult to catch. They are also prized for being a tasty fish to eat.


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    One tough S.O.B. Sounds like Darth Vader was chasing this guy... good shots, it is amazing the battles the creatures below the surface endure

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