That Mexico Episode. With Nick D'Urso

10 days ago

This is a niche episode for those thinking of leaving Canada/America. I'm in no way telling anyone they should leave but I was surprised how many viewers emailed me after I mentioned Mexico, asking me how to contact the freedom communities Norb and I went to see there (in Tulum.)
As promised I brought Nick D'Urso on to give everyone the low down on the large awake Canadian and American communities being built there. Thousands of Canadians and Americans are fleeing the incoming communism/ inflation/weird wokeness & housing costs. Nick wrote an amazing book on how to do it, and he helps Canadians to relocate there as he himself lived through doing just that years ago. Grab your margarita and have some fun with us during this episode. This is part 1 of a 2 part episode. Next week I bring Matt on who is building a community (with Eric) in both Tulum and Costa Rica. Norb and I stayed there to check it out for everyone.
Nicks book:
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