Is Anti-Semitism Good or Bad Theology?

7 months ago

Jesus said that a good tree would produce good fruit and a bad tree would produce bad fruit. When we consider the conflict between Hamas and the state of Israel, we realize it is a theological controversy. This controversy and the underlying anti-semitism has ancient roots and the tree has either produced good or bad fruit.

But we will start to examine the story beginning with the history of the Roman world at the time of the Jewish revolts in the first and second century. We will briefly look at the causes of a rising anti-semitism in the state and a subsequent adoption of anti-semitic bias in the early Roman church. We will consider the question of why the early Roman church fathers forsook their Hebrew roots and developed a new 'Gentile Christianity.'

Then we will examine the scriptures to determine God's attitude towards his people and how he dealt with them when they failed to live up to their covenant. God made and reiterated promises to his people, so we must ask whether the God we worship as Christians is a God who keeps his promises. Can we count on God to be good to his word? And if so, do we have the same mindset that God has when it comes to the issue of anti-semitism.
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