Bulldog Puppy Throws An Adorable Temper Tantrum

Published November 3, 2017 8,304,998 Views $988.99 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesBulldog aggression and dominance is something that comes instinctively to the breed. Dominance was the name of the game when they were originally bred, as herding and baiting was their main purpose. This breed tends to assert dominance over other doggies in particular and sometimes even their humans. This sort of behavior mostly occurs in younger puppies and it is very natural.

It is adorable how this tiny bulldog puppy gets at his owner for teasing him and immediately picks up a fight by barking in the most cutest possible way. He has the temper tantrum attitude that should not be ignored! So precious!

Tiny bulldog stands his arguments straight and tries to bark, but only squeaky sounds come out of his mouth. The poor thing then tries to growl and shake his head to back up his statement, whatever that may be, but the entire performance is very funny.

This little guy is then trying to raise his front legs off the ground and stand up to his owner.
It is adorable how this cutie doesn’t mind his miniature size and stands tall when he engages in a feisty confrontation with his human. He is indeed one courageous fellow who knows how to start a fight and put up an argument. One day, his bark will be loud and scary, so human, beware!

Kids can be tough sometimes. They can get moody and stubborn, but did you know that dogs can have those qualities too? They say bulldogs can get really stubborn as seen in this video, as this adorable baby throws a hilarious temper tantrum!

There have always been people who have treated their pets like children. So having that attention, they act like babies too. We, humans, are here to care for, discipline, and nurture our companions throughout their lives, and in return, we get undying love, loyalty, and even protection. So, also teasing your dog means treating them like kids and just spending time with them having fun.

Dependable and predictable, the bulldog is a wonderful family pet and loving to most children. In case you're in the market for an oversized lap pooch, an English bulldog might want to make your associate. He may look fierce to the uninitiated, yet that is only a front. He merely needs to be your closest companion - alongside great dinners, obviously. What a tremendous dog and even more legendary video.