Cat Loves Fishing Spaghetti Out Of Owner’s Mouth

ayvazPublished: November 3, 2017Updated: November 6, 20171,189 views
Published: November 3, 2017Updated: November 6, 2017

This man was trying to have his lunch in a quiet atmosphere and enjoy a nice bowl of spaghetti. However, that is not what his cat had in mind. Do cats like spaghetti? This funny clip will definitely answer that question!

Footage shows a man sitting and dining, with his cat sitting in his lap and hopelessly trying to steal some of the delicious spaghetti. When the cat realizes that the man is not intending to share his meal with her, she decided to find her own way of sneaking in.

When the man twists the spaghetti around the fork and puts the big roll of spaghetti in his mouth, the cat spots some of the spaghetti strings hanging from his mouth and she makes a stretch to reach some. She opens her mouth and feeds on the hanging spaghetti strings. It is both adorable and gross at the same time!

This reminds me of the famous spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp cartoon. The cat is shamelessly fishing the hanging spaghetti out of her owner’s mouth, hoping that the man won’t notice and catch her red handed.

It is funny to see that this cat is ready to do anything just to get a belly full.

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