NSW Senator John Ruddick on Cafe Locked Out

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The outspoken Senator is a fierce libertarian and was a delight to interview.
Interestingly this day interviewed Paul the Uber Driver, Gabby the Poet, and Mr Ruddick. It was a cool day.

Apart from our continued commitment to record brave voices,
Cafe Locked Out is now on the search for Artists.
Especially those who have created Art inspired by the turbulent Covid Years.
We want to see if your art can help us make sense of our new world, help us find who we are now as Australian’s and where we are going.
Basically, we believe that the tsunami of Covid washed away our country’s identity, and now we are searching through the rubble for who we are, for we also believe, that upon our new identity, a deeper, more resilient and nourishing Kulture will blossom.
So spread the word. CLO is after new Songs, poems, art, including AI art and Memes, short films, novels etc, etc.
To find us check out our interactive map here https://cafelockedout.com/tours/

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