Stand4THEE Frida Night Zoom Nov 17 - Alex from Canuck Law

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‼️‼️‼️Stand4THEE Friday Night Zoom @ 8PM (EST)‼️‼️‼️

Alex, Founder of is presenting findings on WHO/IHR infiltration in Canada on the Friday Night Zoom!

Is PHAC really a function of the Canadian Government, and where did the Quarantine Act originate from?

Tonight, we are blessed to have Alex join us and to present the team’s research of the WHO/IHR infiltration into Canadian Law. The team has done an incredible amount of work uncovering foreign interference by the WHO and deception through fraud regarding specific Canadian related agencies.

If you have Quarantine tickets, join this Zoom as this is continuing to build on the case to not only get these tickets tossed, but to hold those involved with this fraud to account.

The first step in creating change is understanding the root of the issue. By digging into the deception, we can turn this around by using the law against the criminals.

Also, Micheal Jackson will update on his ongoing court battle and we'll have updates on Joanna's quarantine appeal... and MORE!

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