Deliciously Moist White Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

23 days ago

This is a great Recipe for Thanksgiving, who could pass on a deliciously moist White Chocolate Pumpkin Muffin. Optimal to bring to a Potluck, Party or bake for Brunch.

White Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins
12 oz White Chocolate
1-3/4 cups Flour
1-1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Salt
2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice
2 tsp Cinnamon
3/4 cup Brown Sugar
1/2 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Oil
2 Eggs, room temp
1 tsp Vanilla
1 tbsp Whole Milk
15 oz Pumpkin Puree

Cut White Chocolate in small Dice. (reserve 36 pieces, set aside.)
Preheat Oven 375° F.
Place 12 Paper Cups in Muffin Tin.
Combine Flour, Baking Powder, Salt, Pumpkin Pie Spice & Cinnamon, set aside.
Mix together Brown Sugar, Sugar & Oil.
Add one Egg at a time, continue mixing.
Add Vanilla & Milk.
Mix in Pumpkin Puree.
Incorporate Flour Mixture.
Fold in White Chocolate.
Fill each Paper Cup equally with Batter.
Top each with 3 White Chocolate Pieces.
Bake 25-30 Minutes (or until tester comes out clean).
Rest Muffins in Tin for 5 Minutes.
Cool completely on Wire Rack.

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