Boss Cat Pulls ‘You Shall Not Pass’ Attitude On Dog

Published November 2, 2017 5,897 Views

Rumble Cats are great, but boy does this one have an attitude! Check out the way he refuses to let the family dog in, through his own doggie door. This is hilarious because the dog is ten times the size of the cat, but he is still afraid to come through when the boss cat stands on his way. He looks like a chicken to me!

There’s no doubt that cats like to roam and hunt, and they can climb the fences that keep your dog contained. However, this is what happens when you want to keep your cat inside, and yet allow your dog free access through the doggy dog. If there is a way to train your cat to avoid the dog door with aversion or avoidance training, this owner hasn’t found it yet! This cat is self-declared doorkeeper and will not grant access to the family dog to enter the household!

This sweet, gigantic dog is standing outside the glass door and is terrified to enter through the doggy dog because the cat is guard-watching and strikes at him every time the dog makes the attempt to enter. It is so adorable to see how this terrified dog retreats as soon as he realizes that the cat is the boss. He looks sad and confused, looking through the glass door.

No matter how many attempts the dog makes, this evil cat won't let him pass. The big dog just wants to get to his owner, but the gatekeeper cat is standing on his way, and the dog retreats.

This funny video is indeed hysterical, although it will definitely leave you feeling bad for the canine. We guess you already know who’s boss!