Joe Biden Causes Antony Blinken to have a Maalox Moment

3 months ago

Perhaps some of you might remember the "Maalox Moment" commercials that used to run frequently on television. Well, perhaps now is a very good time to bring back at least one of those commercials because Antony Blinken most definitely had a Maalox Moment when Joe Biden public called his paymaster, Xi Jinping, a dictator in San Francisco. You can actually see the exact Maalox Moment that Blinken experienced as you could see the extreme pain that ran across his face when the word "dictator" slipped past Biden's lips. It was such an obvious Maalox Moment for Blinken that I even made a Maalox Moment commercial featuring him that could be used in a new "Maalox Moment" ad campaign.

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