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Published November 2, 2017 673 Views

Rumble She might be a little on the bald side, but Fefe is like any other happy Goffin cockatoo. Her previous owner had kept her in bad conditions, with a lack of stimulation and poor nutrition. Sadly this lead to the little cockatoo plucking out her feathers due to stress.

Fortunately the 16-year-old <a href="https://rumble.com/v3n2y9-amazing-african-grey-parrot-recognizes-himself-in-camera-phone.html" target="_blank">parrot</a> was adopted by nurse, Eve Butler, one and a half years ago, in Miami, Florida. "She was relinquished to Parrot Outreach Society by a woman who had to care for her sick mother and could no longer care for Fefe. It was my understanding when the women prior to me got her she was three years old and was already plucking her feathers." said Fefe’s new owner.

"I am a volunteer at Parrot Outreach and fell in love with her as soon as she came in. The funny thing is she has fallen in love with my husband. Every waking moment she wants to be with him!"

Fefe’s hair follicles are so damaged from her previous stress, that the feathers will never grow back on her head and back. In an attempt to prevent the bird from plucking herself further, Eve tried putting clothes on her, like flower petal collars or sock sweaters. But Fefe was smart, so she would figure out how to get them off.

"The petal collars stayed on a little longer but you could tell how miserable she was. My husband and I finally decided to quit putting her through misery just to try to get her feathers to grow back. We love her just the way she is."

According to the organisation In Defense of Animals, the companion parrot has 'joined the ranks alongside the most discarded, homeless pets in America'. They further reported that 'parrots are surrendered or sold and live in at least five homes before dying prematurely or finding their <a href="https://rumble.com/v326gz-racoon-ncd-ht.html" target="_blank">forever home</a>'.

Videographer / director: Eve Butler
Producer: Shannon Lane, James Thorne
Editor: James Thorne