Golden Retriever puppies scramble to mom for feeding time

Published November 2, 2017 707 Plays $1.74 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesOakley is one of the most loving and dedicated mothers you could imagine. She is a young Golden Retriever who recently spent a romantic evening with a handsome Golden named Kevin. The two are now the parents of nine adorable and very active young puppies. They are three weeks old and they are always incredibly hungry. They have spent the morning playing and climbing all over each other. Oakley arrives, full of milk and eagerly rushes into the pen for feeding time.

She quickly tours around the pen, checking on the puppies and the cleanliness of their beds before making a quick stop at the water bowl.

Oakley will eat and drink constantly as she nurses these puppies, needing a great deal more fluid and nourishment to produce enough milk for nine hungry tummies. She will feed then several times a day.

Oakley doesn't even reach the water bowl before the pups rush her and try to latch on for a drink. They are relentless as they follow her and climb over each other in their desperation to find a meal. They tumble and fall over as she moves carefully around the pen. They may have figured out that their mother has only eight nipples for nine mouths. One of them will be left out if they don't hurry.

Oakley eventually finds a spot and stands still as they scramble over each other and take turns being fed. She displays incredible patience while she stands in one spot to allow them to nurse. Her face shows the contented look of a very dedicated mother as she supplies her little family with brunch.

After a big meal, the puppies settle down for a little nap. Like any youngsters, they are more tempted to play than sleep and they take a while to drift off. There is always at least one pup looking for a game or a wrestle among the pile of sleepy puppies.

Golden retriever pups are among the cutest creatures in the world.