MUST SEE: Candace Owens & Tucker Carlson DESTROY Ben Shapiro | Ep 570

16 days ago

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00:00 Intro
05:00 Ben Shapiro & Candace Owens Battle in Conservative Holy War
11:25 Shapiro & Owens Feud on Twitter, Ben Invites Candace to Quit Daily Wire
14:00 America is In a Free Fall
18:58 Candace Owens Shares Faith Journey with Tucker Carlson
26:55 Tucker Says Ben Shapiro Is Overly Emotional Over Israel
32:08 Tucker Carlson Calls Out Jews Over "White Genocide"
40:00 Candace & Tucker Out Shapiro's "Leftist" Past
46:28 Candace Owens Says Ben Shapiro Is an Outsider at the Daily Wire
49:10 Candace Compares Ben Shapiro to BLM
58:15 Kira Davis Host of "Just Listen To Yourself" Podcast
1:12:00 T.J. Moe Joins "Fearless"

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