Are your words keeping you broke ?

6 months ago

Are your words keeping you broke ?

Have you heard the saying your words become your world?

Most people only speak what they already have, and their circumstances never change.

They always get more of what they already have.

Here is the reason:

What you think is what you say, and what you say is what you do, and your actions and sayings create your results.

What you are talking about you get more off, so if you keep talking about your limitations, how hard it is to get on with your boss, or mum, or spouse, how you are going to get evicted, or if you keep projecting blame on everyone else, you are literally going to manifest more of the same hardship.

Whatever you say, you speak into existence.

We are casting a spell with the words we use.

Nobody believes they are powerful enough to cast spells, but the truth is, humans are powerful creators and our word become our world.

Now, if you committed to only speaking what you are seeking, everything is going to change.

Only speaking what you are seeking is a simple recipe for success, but just because its simple doesn’t mean its easy.

It implies that you know what you want.

Unfortunately most people don’t have a clue what they want, they only know what they don’t want!

Knowing what you want is easier said than done, because we have been trained and conditions since birth to not ask for anything, or want anything.

Did you know that we hear the word NO at least 400 per day when we are young.

We only hear the word YES two or three times per day.

So little by little we become disconnected from our Inner Being and fall into a mediocre lifestyle at best, or a stressful challenging life at worst.

Now let me tell you another secret:

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