Stuart Harris: We're headed towards another glaciation | Tom Nelson Pod #172

18 days ago

Stuart Harris joined the University of Calgary Geography Department in 1969 following earlier appointments at the University of Kansas, Waterloo Lutheran University and the University of Chicago. He has conducted field research in Iraq, Guyana, China (Kunlun Shan) and the former Soviet Union, and his study of landforms in North America includes local and regional analysis of Arctic and Cordilleran environments.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Background
00:36 Understanding Permafrost and Climate
02:27 Climate Changes Since World War II
05:08 Understanding Heat Distribution on Earth
06:28 Impact of Ice and Water on Heat Absorption
08:03 Movement of Heat Around the Earth's Surface
08:53 Understanding Ocean Currents and Their Impact on Climate
11:43 Impact of Cold Dense Arctic Air
15:36 Understanding Warm Air Masses
25:49 Impact of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide on Climate
37:31 Predicting Future Climate Changes
49:37 Understanding the Role of Carbon Dioxide in Photosynthesis
50:49 Impact of Climate Change on Economics and Energy Sources
54:40 Conclusion: Adapting to Climate Changes

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