ROPE Report #62 - Karmin Grider; From Whom Are YOUR Legislators Getting Campaign Funds

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This month ROPE Rebular, Karmin Grider will talk more about the information we can find on her website. Last time she was with us, Karmin took us on a really great tour, but this time, we'll hone in on several of our legislators and find out a bit more about them, like where they get their money and what bills they sponsor. We might even have time to talk a bit about state judges, who get very little press and whom most voters know very little about when they go into the voting booth, yet they are the arbiters of justice in our state and decide court cases, the outcomes of which, can fly in the face of our Constitutional Republic.

DISCLAIMER: Information about the four House Representatives reported to have over 1 million dollars in their campaign accounts - THIS IS REFLECTIVE OF THE TOTAL THAT HAS BEEN DONATED TO THEIR CANDIDATE ACCOUNTS OVER THE LIFE OF THEIR CAREER IN THE HOUSE - NOT IN ONE YEAR OR CURRENTLY.

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