The Canadian Systemic Racism Ruse: Truth and Revelation Presentation With Tanya Gaw

3 months ago

Tanya Gaw, Founder of Action4Canada, covers the in-depth report that she has written:
The Canadian Systemic Racism Ruse - Truth and Revelation

UNDRIP is exploiting natives and being used to hand over our natural resources, water and land to the global cabal. The Truth and Reconciliation mantra is being used as a weapon to oppress, malign, shame, denigrate and attack Canadians (Christians, Catholics and people of European decent) with the end goal facilitating a massive wealth transfer, controlling our resources, and robbing citizens of their sovereignty and land rights.

The presentation provides a ‘balance’ to the ongoing false narratives behind the Truth and Reconciliation campaign, the missing and murdered women and girls, and accusations of “mass graves and genocide of Indigenous people”. It does not deny that there were native children who were removed from their homes, attended the Residential schools and experienced abuse at the hands of morally corrupt individuals who were in charge of their care, but instead focuses on what is going on behind the scenes and why. Such as the matter of the multi-BILLIONS of dollars (wealth transfer) that the government has, and continues to give to the natives, tax-free and at the expense of non-native, taxpaying citizens.

Watch the A4C Weekly Update for Nov. 15, 2023:
Queering Canada, Multicultural Mayhem, Racism Ruse and Wealth Transfers

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