Mark Levin RIPS Mueller Investigation — Indictment Is Irrational!

Published November 1, 2017 4,398 Views $6.87 earned

Rumble “Let me jump right into his indictment of Manafort and Gates… to show you how incompetent this guy is,” Levin said, “and yet what an iron- fisted, out-of-control prosecutor this guy is.”

Levin called the indictment “irrational” and mocked the “marquee” that read “conspiracy against the United States.”

“Now most normal prosecutors put ‘conspiracy’ but he puts it out for the press because the press is stupid and the press wants to say what Mueller’s saying,” Levin continued. “‘Conspiracy against the United States’ like he’s one of the Rosenbergs or something.”

He also tore into the money laundering charge because it alleges Manafort wanted to ‘evade taxes’ but wasn’t charged for tax evasion.

“So you’re evading taxes and you don’t charge them with tax evasion?” Levin asked. “What’s that all about?!?”

Levin also mentioned that the charge of evading to register as a foreign agent is ‘almost never brought’ and would be a ‘misdemeanor’ if it were.