Dog Helps Owner With Morning Workout Routine

Published October 31, 2017 10,700 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesGirls, we hope you will all agree with us when we say that seeing a good looking hunk of a man walking his pup in the park in the most adorable thing ever! And such an easy conversation starter! But to see them working out together - now THAT is a sight for sore eyes!

Now imagine walking through this suburban neighborhood in North Carolina and see Rumble user ‘k1lla__cam" do push ups topless in all his ripped glory, with his best friend Fenway right there to motivate him! The Golden Retriever helps him first with his punching push ups, or in this case, the greeting push ups, as the pooch lifts his front legs, alternating between left and right, to coordinate with his owner’s exercise.

“Good job, buddy" says the athlete, as we feast our eyes on their friendship! These athletic dogs really do make an awesome workout partner.

Golden Retrievers might be too big to take them to the gym, but this fella found a loophole in the system and placed his tiny pooch into a baby carrier, so that he can work out with him at the gym! Pull ups, leg presses, cardio, they are no challenge for that dynamic duo!

We certainly wouldn’t think twice to approach them.

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