Hotel Guests Get A Lightning Surprise Right In Front Of Them

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Published: October 31, 2017

When Tim Allfrey was on a holiday in Queensland with his family, a thunderstorm rolled in and he decided to film the lightning strikes from a distance. However, nature had other plans.Heavy rain was pouring on a stormy night and this hotel guest captured the most amazing moment a lightning can do.

This terrifying lightning bolt struck on a hotel balcony on October 28, 2017 in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia just metres away from the petrified guests. Tim Allfrey captured the moment when a huge lightning bolt struck his balcony. The bolt caused sparks to fly only centimetres from a table.

Tim Allfrey and his family were staying at the Oaks Grand in Gladstone. The Newcastle man captured the bolt on his camera phone as storms and heavy rain swept across central Queensland. We cannot say that this bolt came out of the blue, but it is sure something you don’t see every day!

Only about 30 seconds earlier, Tim was shooting panoramic footage of the regional city showing the bleak, grey night skies momentarily flashing pink as lightning was striking on the horizon.
Then, a white bolt of lightning causes sparks to fly centimetres from an outdoor table on the balcony. It was all over in a flash as rain continues pouring outside.

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