Steven Seagal Shows His Moves As He Defeats Two Sambo Practitioners

Published October 31, 2017 4,510,600 Plays

Rumble A video has emerged from Russia showing American actor Steven Seagal flaunting his fighting skills during a martial arts competition. In the video, which was captured in Saratov at the All-Russian Sambo Tournament, Seagal shows amazing moves as he simultaneously defeats two sambo practitioners.

Sambo is a Russian martial art and combat sport. As well as being a Hollywood actor, Seagal is a seventh dan black belt in Aikido and began his career teaching the Japanese martial art.
<a href="" target="_blank">Steven Seagal</a> insists that this video of him flooring two opponents in martial arts show is legitimate stressing: ‘I'm gonna try not to be insulted man, I've been doing martial arts all my life. How could it be fake?'

Footage shows the 63-year-old actor throwing two opponents to the floor during an appearance at the All-Russian Sambo Tournament in Saratov. Seagal reportedly practices Aikido, a Japanese <a href="" target="_blank">martial art</a>, and is a seventh dan black belt.

Watch as his opponents appear to be falling without much of a fight, prompting speculation that they are surrendering on purpose. However, when asked if the video was legitimate, Seagal appeared hurt by the suggestion it could be anything but genuine.

Explaining their perceived willingness to surrender, he added: “What happens when you are about to break someone’s arm or wrist, usually, they like to go with it so it doesn’t snap.”

It is believed that Seagal is in good terms with the Russian President Vladimir Putin and has visited the country for several sporting events. Reportedly, Putin even suggested Seagal as an intermediary between Russia and the US as tensions between the two countries grew, which of course was subsequently rejected.

Watch this video and decide for yourselves for whether Seagal’s skills are real or fake!

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  • maribro1, 1 year ago

    If you want to know if it is real or fake why don't you give it a try with Steven Seagal? Let him try the moves on you. If you don't give the moves a try then you have no right to doubt the moves and their legitimacy. I have looked at the extent of the bend of the wrist. And I know those are very painful. If you do not jump, fall, flip or twist with the wrist bend or twist you will break your wrist. So they will do what ever move they have to just to relieve the pressure or the wrist will break. So I challenge you to give this a try with Steven Seagal if you doubt him, or are you a chicken?

    4 rumbles
  • Jay78, 1 year ago

    This is very misleading reporting! Firstly the two attackers are wearing hakama, the black trouser skirts traditionally worn by most practitioners of traditional Japanese martial arts who have attained Dan grade which means they are most definitely aikidoka, (practitioners of aikido) and not practitioners of Sambo. Secondly they are taking Ukemi which as the comment above stated is a compliance designed to limit and negate injury to the attacker from painful wrist locks. Thirdly, there is no competition in aikido, (with the exception of Tomiki Aikido) and so whilst Sensei Segal is performing his technique there is an equal onus on the attackers to perform correct and proper Ukemi as described above. Aikido gets a bad reputation from the fact that proper and perfect Ukemi is not always performed even by senior grades as there is an expectation not to be difficult and obstructive with your partner stemming from the ideal that there is no competition and there is also an element of not wanting to make your Sensei look bad by not falling over and so more often than not an attacker will throw themselves before the technique has been properly applied making it all look "fake". This also means, and I shudder to say it, but over compliance by ones opponent can lend itself to the defenders not performing proper or correct technique which again makes it look sloppy and in effective. That said these techniques stem from aiki jiujitsu which was a battlefield martial art designed to break joints and permanently incapacitate your opponent and so if Ukemi wasn't taken, then there would be serious injury to the attacker in the shape of broken bones and damaged ligaments and tendons.

    3 rumbles
    • SifuShaun, 1 year ago

      Thank you for this comment, I really appreciate the information. I am a senior karate instructor and I have not always been the greatest supporter of Aikido demonstrations,this comment explains a lot and now more of it makes sense than before.

      1 rumble
  • BillNetter, 1 year ago

    In my opinion, if some dude comes out punching and kicking, Seagals type of karate would not have that much success. My opinion!

    1 rumble
  • Deryl101, 1 year ago

    Now try this BullShido on real fighting men

    1 rumble
  • Terrorizing, 1 year ago

    Pffffttttttt........constantly out of breath and can tell the 2 other guys were premeditated.........fake and cheap.......just like his films

    1 rumble
  • Kasgeomagsmom, 1 year ago

    Sadly, America still lives divided. When we decide to come together as a country, and start doing something about racism instead of kneeling on a football field. We are going nowhere.

    1 rumble
  • Trumble, 1 year ago

    Erm why are the sambo guys in aikido gear, and why are their sambo look nothing like sambo and exactly like aikido.

    1 rumble
  • Godchild, 1 year ago

    Yes, Mis-leading report... Mr. Segal is not "defeating" anyone. You see how he is prompting his "attackers" as to which attack to attempt, by tapping or pointing to certain parts of his body? This is a demonstration match, and not by any means competitive, ergo; Mr. Segal is not "defeating" anyone...

    1 rumble
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