Monkey Preciously Harbors Newly Rescued Kitten

Misfitland Published October 29, 2017 8,271 Plays $7.89 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsMonkeys have been known to get pets of their own, even if it were a rock (apparently, monkeys also know how hard it is to keep a pet). But to see a monkey actually cuddling a tiny little kitty, now that is something! Just look at them both!

Teresa Bullock’s pet macaque Angel has found a new best friend in the form of a little kitten that Teresa’s family found abandoned by the side of the road, along with its baby brother. The family rescued the two kitties and brought them home, but the 20-year-old Java Macaque just fell smitten by this one and it seems the feeling is mutual.

As Angel sits on the counter, her owner strokes her hand and she just sits there, inconspicuously. But when the owner asks “what you got there?”, Angel lifts her head to show that the kitten feels right at home in the monkey’s arms. As the kitten sleeps, she holds him tight next to her chest, where it is warmest.

At one point, the baby cat tries to get out and stretch further, but the maternal instinct tells Angel to hold the kitty down, so it won't get snagged away by the humans. So sweet!

Angel might look like she behaves like a big girl here, but deep down, she is still a little kid! In this video, we see just how far Angel would go for attention, as she is categorical about stuffing a snack up her nose!

Good to know she is still in touch with the child inside!