Border Collie obsessed with watching TV

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWhen the TV get’s turned on, Junior the 7 year old obsessive Border Collie comes running to take his seat. Occasionally on Saturday evenings, Junior and his owner will have movie nights. They love cuddling on the floor and putting on one of his favorite movies. When he really gets into what he is watching, he won’t even take his eyes off the television and becomes completely obsessed.

Junior has his favorite shows and has been known to watch movies and television shows for hours just like a human. He absolutely loves to watch dog shows, the movie Lassie and Purina commercials. He even knows the sounds and songs these shows and commercials make and will come running from across the house to watch.

Like most other dogs, Junior can perceive images on the television like a human. He is intelligent enough to recognize other animals, toys and activities and has different reactions to what is on. He barks at other dogs, whines at cats and loves to have a ball in his mouth when watching fly ball competitions on the dog shows. He loves fast moving objects on the television, but most of all, he loves watching other border collies do tricks.

Research has shown that all dogs can see the television, they just see it differently. The reaction the dog has comes down to its personality. Some dogs are very territorial and when they see another dog on the television, they may bark and freak out to make it leave. Other dogs hate people and seeing people on the tube may create a nasty reaction. The breed of the dog also has a lot to do with their reaction. Hound Dogs are driven by their nose and are not usually interested in visual stimulation; however, Border Collies like Junior can be obsessed with moving objects, making the television a highly stimulating activity.